Easy parking - happy customer

Make your parking smart with WellParko

For shopping malls and municipalities who experience heavy traffic, “WellParko” is a parking guidance system that provides parking slots availability in real-time. Unlike traditional sensor based solutions, “WellParko” uses camera stream to provide cost efficiency, safety monitoring and number plate recognition.

1200 Days

of your customers time saved

58000 Liters

of drivers gasoline saved

144 Tons

of greenhouse gas emissions reduced

*in a shopping mall's parking with 2500 spaces in one year

Explore additional

- Duration of each visit
- Malicious drivers detection
- Total number of visitors
- Occupancy prediction
- Number plate recognition


WellParko advanced AI algorithms detect car’s presence in real time. It works perfectly with already pre-installed video surveillance cameras and that results in lower installation costs. Would you like to see a real time demo? Contact us!